Best Shower Remodeling 
Companies Kansas City

Only the best shower remodeling companies in Kansas City will do for your home! If you’re going to invest in any home renovation or remodeling work, you want results that you’re sure to love for many years to come. You also want to ensure that you’re not overpaying for any needed features or services, while still ending up with a bathroom space that is functional and efficient, and downright beautiful.

Bathroom Design Kansas City Cost

One big concern for many homeowners if the cost of their planned bathroom remodel. While a full bathroom tear-out might be at the high end of your budget, we offer many low-cost, budget-friendly bathroom designs for a Kansas City home, without sacrificing the style or function you need in that space.

For example, and affordable shower remodel may be all you need in your home, and we are one of the best shower remodeling companies in Kansas City. We can quickly and easily replace your home’s current dingy and outdated bathtub with a claw foot tub, creating an elegant look, or install a soaker tub, for a true spa-like experience at home.

If you don’t need a tub in the bathroom, we can offer a walk-in shower area, complete with benches and wall inserts for storage. This simple bathroom design for a Kansas City home might be finished off with new flooring and wall tile, so your bathroom is then updated, stylish, and a perfect fit for your needs.
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Full Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

For homeowners who do need a full bathroom remodel, we have many options for various features, fixtures, and bathroom surfaces. Our services include ripping out the entire shower area, removing the sink and cabinetry, and pulling up floor tiles. We can then plan an entirely new bathroom design for a Kansas City home, with low-flow toilets and showerhead, expanded storage, and modern light fixtures.

As one of the most versatile remodeling companies in Kansas City, we can also pour new epoxy countertops, for a custom finish that is sure to please. Your bathroom will then be more functional for the entire family while offering the high-end, upscale look you love.

What Makes the Best Remodeling Companies Kansas City

Being a general contractor doesn’t make you one of the best remodeling companies in Kansas City. A contractor may not have a showroom that allows you to see various fixtures and features up close before you make a purchasing decision. A contractor also might not assist with a bathroom design for a Kansas City home, so the features and surfaces they install end up looking uncoordinated and unplanned.

We proudly call ourselves one of the best bathroom and shower remodeling companies in Kansas City because we are happy to work with our customers when it comes to design options and cost-saving features. We have a team of custom cabinetmakers who can create all the storage features you need in the bathroom, and we specialize in poured epoxy that offers the look of solid stone but at a fraction of the cost. Whatever your needs for a full renovation or a simple bathroom remodel, we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with your home’s new bathroom space.

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