Remodeling Shawnee Area Homes Adds Value

Remodeling Shawnee and Kansas City area kitchens and bathrooms can add value to a home if you opt for the right features and use the best contractors in the business! A kitchen remodeling of a Shawnee area home can add valuable storage space, energy-efficient appliances, and beautiful designer cabinets, all of which mean instant appeal and added value.

Kitchen Cabinets in Shawnee Add Value

You may not realize that something as simple as new kitchen cabinets in a Shawnee or Kansas City area home might add value to your property. However, updated cabinets can include built-in compartments that make it easy to store away all your small food items as well as gadgets, tools, and specialty pots and pans. Slide-out shelves and a “lazy Susan,” or rotating tray, ensure you’re using every square inch of storage space in your kitchen.

When you get home after a long visit at the Grand Casino Hotel Resort, you don’t want to hunt around for tools and gadgets in your Shawnee home’s kitchen just to make a cup of coffee or cook a simple meal! Kitchen remodeling for a Shawnee or Kansas City area home can ensure that everything in your space is neatly organized at close at hand, making your kitchen more functional and, in turn, increasing your home’s overall value!
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Shawnee Remodel of Countertops Adds Value

As with cabinets, you may not realize that a Shawnee remodel of your kitchen countertops can add value to your home. This is because old countertops can be unsightly and also unhygienic! Scratches on a counter’s surface often become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, making those countertops unfit for food prep and cooking.

After visiting the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee, you may be inspired to update your home and are looking for a new kitchen design for a Shawnee or Kansas City area home. Concrete counters can give your space the look of high-end stone, while granite, limestone, and quartz are still classic favorites. These upgraded choices add instant visual appeal to a kitchen while providing a cleaner and safer space for everyday cooking.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Shawnee Adds Value!

Don’t assume you need to break the bank on a home remodeling for a Shawnee or Kansas City area kitchen for the project to add value to your property! Bathroom remodeling for a Shawnee MO or Kansas City area home can include flooring that is put right over the home’s current tiles and a simple but elegant refacing of cabinets.

You can even add personality and increase the value and appeal of your Shawnee home without a major renovation. You might style the kitchen after the nearby FireLake Casino by adding some bold blue neon colors or tone down the look of your kitchen design Shawnee by choosing natural shades inspired by the Wes Watkins Reservoir. These simple changes, along with fresh paint on the cabinets and new hardware and lighting, can give your home a beautiful and stunning kitchen that can increase the value of your home!

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