Exquisite Home and Bathroom Remodeling Parkville

To add drama, style, and value, you need to invest in high-quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling for a Parkville and Kansas City area house. Even a simple KC remodeling can add much-needed storage in your home’s kitchen and bathrooms, and create an open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing with your family. There are also many budget-friendly ideas for home improvement in a Parkville home, so you have the space of your dreams no matter the size of your wallet!

Parkville Remodel to Add Storage

Many homeowners assume that they need a bigger house to have more storage. This isn’t true, as kitchen or bathroom remodeling for a Parkville area home can add lots of needed storage. New kitchen cabinets for a Parkville home might include interior compartments for organizing your foodstuffs and tools. Home contractors in Parkville and Kansas City can also rework the kitchen’s footprint, to create space for a walk-in pantry.

Bathroom remodeling in a Parkville home can also create space for a larger linen closet or vanity. Small shelving can be built around the mirror, to hold all those awkward, little containers needed for makeup, shaving, and personal grooming.
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New Flooring Home Remodeling Parkville

If you enjoy visiting the Parkville Nature Sanctuary or nearby Macken Park on a regular basis, your home might need new flooring more often than not! Dragging dirt, dust, and mud into the house from these beautiful outdoor areas can mean wearing out your home’s kitchen and bathroom flooring very quickly.

Complete home remodeling of a Parkville or Kansas City area home can include new flooring that is durable yet still very beautiful. Many flooring tiles can be put over your home’s current floors, so you avoid the cost and mess of a complete tear-out, and have that stunning floor you love quickly and affordably!

Bathroom Remodeling in a Parkville Home for Relaxation

After a long day walking or jogging the trails at English Landing Park, you want to relax and heal those sore muscles. A bathroom remodeling of a Parkville home can make space for an oversized, jetted tub, perfect for relaxation.
If you prefer to take a ride at the Heartland Center, you might need a walk-in shower with spa bench so you can sit and relax while giving your feet a good scrubbing. Multiple showerheads included in a Parkville remodel will soothe those aching shoulders and legs after a rough day’s ride! Check out our other service areas here.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Parkville

Don’t let a light wallet put you off from planning a needed kitchen remodeling of a Parkville or Kansas City home. Acrylic countertops can give you the look of polished, high-end stone for a fraction of the cost. Laminate or vinyl tile is very affordable and easy to install, and also resembles stone, porcelain, or even timber.

Whatever your budget, there are ideas for kitchen remodeling of a Parkville area home that will suit your style and taste. You can then have the home of your dreams without hurting your wallet!

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