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Our full-service, top-to-bottom kitchen remodeling Kansas City MO homeowners can get will give you the kitchen of your dreams, complete with designer cabinets and appliances, solid stone surfaces, and durable yet beautiful flooring that you’ll love. We also do entire home remodels!
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A full-service renovation can also add much-needed storage to your home’s kitchen, as well as all those high-end details and features you need to make your kitchen more functional for food prep and entertaining. We can ensure that your food storage areas are prime!
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We invite you to check out our showroom to see for yourself in person! Or simply view our completed projects right here on our website. If you have any questions or would like a custom quote, get in touch here. Our showroom showcases all of our remodeling materials.

Our Craftsmen, Designers, and Kitchen Renovators in Kansas City


Kitchen renovation in Kansas City should be left to the experts, and not just a general contractor. Your new kitchen should be breathtaking and downright fabulous, and it takes a real artisan to sculpt a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional. If you’re like many homeowners, you might also struggle to imagine all the details that will be needed to create the kitchen of your dreams. Our designers can work with you to choose the most suitable style and the modern features and details you’ll need for a stunning space, while still staying within your budgeted kitchen remodel cost.

To create the space you need for your new kitchen, our remodelers can also work with you to create an entire kitchen and home improvement plan. Reworking the footprint of your kitchen can mean space for a larger island, additional storage cabinets, or the chef-inspired appliances you love!

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Full Scale Kitchen Renovation - Your Dream Come to Life

For the discerning homeowner, just replacing cabinets and repainting walls is often not enough to create the kitchen of your dreams! Full-scale kitchen renovation for your home will create a space that offers room for entertaining as well as the breathtaking look and style you want and deserve.
Full-scale kitchen remodeling can include upgraded smart appliances, a second sink at the island that is perfect for entertaining, and built-in shelving to show off your beautiful crystal. Walls can also be removed or relocated to allow for better flow between the kitchen and dining room.

Our craftsmen want your kitchen to be as beautiful as the rest of your home and will ensure your vision for kitchen remodeling becomes a reality. No matter the style you love or the size of your home, our remodeling services will deliver the stunning kitchen of your dreams!

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"We searched for what felt like ages for someone to install laminate that we had pre-purchased in our basement and on our stairs. Dustin and his team were able to complete the project in the timeframe that we needed it completed. I have nothing but amazing things to say!! They were on time everyday, which is extremely important to me, very polite, and very professional. Our floors and stairs look beautiful, and we are SO happy with the results!!!"


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Extraordinary Kitchen Remodeling Services in Kansas City, MO

Budget-Friendly Pre-Fab Kitchen Remodel

When kitchen remodeling in Kansas City MO, services are needed, homeowners often think of the price tag associated. Our remodelers help make your remodel work within your budget, so you don't have to. We offer pre-fabricated remodeling or remodeling tier option one, including countertops and cabinets, which decreases the price of a new kitchen remodel. If you have a remodeling budget, we'll stick to it! Our expert contractors also work with you if you require financing options.

Don't let being frugal get in the way of your family enjoying your new kitchen remodel for your home! Give us a call today!

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Budget-Friendly Pre-Fab Kitchen Remodel in Kansas City
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Mid-Tier Kitchen Remodel with Some Custom Work

Do you find your kitchen remodeling budget in the mid-tier range? This is one of our most popular options because it allows some custom stonework and features. We also offer the services of our on-staff interior kitchen designer who has the expertise you need to design a stunning but functional kitchen. If you're looking for a middle of the road range for cost with a high-end kitchen renovation feel, then this is the tier level for you.

Call Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling to speak to our friendly customer service representative and learn more about what's included for your Mid Tier Kitchen Remodel!

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High-End Kitchen Remodel with Custom Work for Your Kansas City Home

Are you looking to be the envy of your friends? Don't hesitate to work with our professionals to build you a Custom Kitchen Renovation. Our high-end choice or tier three option makes it easy to customize your kitchen remodel while you work with our wonderful kitchen designer. We offer 3D renderings of the space so you can envision exactly what it will look like upon completion. Kitchens can appear luxurious if you know the materials and aesthetics to use, such as custom cabinetry, porcelain tile, marble or granite countertops, and more!

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Custom Cabinets or Cabinet Refinishing in Kansas City

Renovations are an excellent opportunity to install custom cabinets in your new space. Custom cabinets can be built around your expectations and need in the kitchen; for example, customized cabinets might include an area just for your small appliances, coffee collection, or pet supplies! Custom cabinets and kitchen remodeling for your home can also include exquisite glass fronts, open shelving, and built-in lighting. A custom paint color or stain can also perfectly complement your home’s overall style or add a splash of bold color to the space.

If your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound but outdated and downright dull, cabinet refinishing may be just what’s needed to create a stunning style in the kitchen. Cabinet refacing and remodeling of the kitchen door and drawer fronts, along with upgraded hardware, can quickly and easily create a breathtaking and beautiful space.

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Beautiful Countertops Options

Beautiful countertops are the heart of any kitchen remodeling.

  • Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and tones, and its natural veining offers beautiful gold flecks and lines that add depth and texture to the surface.  This is our choice material for countertop installation in Kansas City.
  • Marble countertops are timeless and classic, as the lighter color of marble makes a kitchen seem clean, bright, and airy. The natural crackling of marble also give these surfaces added visual appeal, making them a perfect choice for your kitchen and home improvement plans.
  • Quartz is a beautiful material that resembles stone, but which is also very dense and durable. Quartz is a perfect choice for those who love to cook, as this material withstands scuffs, scrapes, and scratches while retaining its deep and rich tone and color.
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Kitchen Flooring to Beautify from the Ground Up

Your kitchen deserves a stunning floor. Rich, dark tones can make a kitchen look warm and welcoming, while a lighter shade of stone flooring can brighten the entire area and make a kitchen seem light and airy. Linoleum tile is still a popular choice for today’s kitchen and home improvement designs, and modern tile designs can easily resemble stone, wood, or any other material. Laminate flooring is also very popular and can allow you to have timber-look tiles in your home’s kitchen.

For something downright stunning, opt for stone flooring for your kitchen remodeling for a Kansas City, MO, home. Stone is dense and durable won’t show scratches and scuff marks, and can add instant glamour to any home. Marble and granite have an upscale look, while limestone can offer a more rustic appeal that makes a kitchen feel family-friendly and very inviting. Explore our flooring options, and whatever you choose, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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Small Space? We Specialize in Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling specializes in transforming small kitchens into beautifully functional spaces. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges presented by limited square footage, the company excels in delivering innovative design solutions that maximize efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Tailored cabinetry and smart layout designs guarantee every inch is utilized, enhancing storage and mobility. The team's commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized service results in kitchens that reflect each homeowner's style and needs.

By focusing on seamless integration with the rest of the home, we elevate the kitchen's functionality and its contribution to the property's overall value. The process, designed to be as stress-free as possible, prioritizes efficient use of resources, ensuring a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to kitchen remodeling. Homeowners looking for a reliable partner to reinvent their small kitchen spaces will find us to be an excellent choice.

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What Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

A kitchen remodel cost may not be as steep as you assume. While some renovations may become very expensive, there are many ways to trim those costs without sacrificing the appearance of your kitchen or the exquisite, high-end products and surfaces you demand. Our highly-trained and skilled kitchen remodeling specialists can work with any budget, no matter how limited, and still create a kitchen space that meets and even exceeds your demands. Consider a few ways that you can contain costs for your kitchen and home improvement plans. Solid stone remnants, or pieces left over from other construction projects, are often much more affordable than freshly cut pieces, yet they’re just as beautiful and durable. Kitchen cabinet refacing improves the appearance of your existing cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or stain, as well as new trim and hardware. All these details give you the look of high-end cabinets for a fraction of your typical kitchen remodel cost!

At Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, we know that homeowners are often concerned about their prospective kitchen remodel costs, which is why we have an extensive list of products and services we offer that save you money without sacrificing the appearance of your new kitchen. Whatever your needs for a kitchen space, and whatever your budget, we will work with you to ensure you’re delighted with every detail of your new kitchen space once the work is done!

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See What Your Kansas City Neighbors Are Saying!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"We searched for what felt like ages for someone to install laminate that we had pre-purchased in our basement and on our stairs. Dustin and his team were able to complete the project in the timeframe that we needed it completed. I have nothing but amazing things to say!! They were on time everyday, which is extremely important to me, very polite, and very professional. Our floors and stairs look beautiful, and we are SO happy with the results!!!"


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