Stunning Countertops in Kansas City

Never underestimate the importance of choosing stunning, high-quality kitchen countertops for a Kansas City home, as counters take up quite a bit of surface space and are one of the most noticeable features in a new kitchen remodel. Countertops in a Kansas City home should also be dense and durable, so they’re resistant to germs and bacteria, and won’t show every little nick and scrape along their surface!
Granite Countertops in Kansas City

Why Choose Granite Countertops for a Kansas City Home

Granite countertops in KC are a very popular choice for many homeowners, as granite has a timeless and classic look that blends well with any décor or style, from traditional to ultra-modern. Granite also has natural veining and flecks that create lots of depth and dimension and which even reflect light in the kitchen.  Here at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, we take pride in every cut of granite and make sure to get the highest quality to please our customers. 

The color of granite also ensures that your countertops are likely to be unique and not like anyone else’s in the neighborhood! Consistent sealing keeps this stone hygienic and protected from damage, making it easy to clean on a daily basis. Granite kitchen countertops in a Kansas City home can also last for many years, if not even decades, before the stone needs any repairs or replacement.

Marble Countertops in Kansas City Add Instant Glamour

For instant glamour in your home, you cannot go wrong with marble countertops! Marble has a natural gleam along its surface, with a bright, clean color that is especially suitable for a kitchen. The light color and slight veining in marble also allow it to blend easily with any backsplash in a Kansas City home, as well as a variety of kitchen styles, including transitional and modern designs.

As with granite, marble countertops in a Kansas City need consistent sealing, so they avoid food stains and other such damage, but which also makes them easy to clean. Marble also offers a classic look that has stood the test of time and which can add a touch of instant glamour to any home!
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Epoxy countertops in Kansas City

Add Durability and Style With Epoxy Countertops in a Kansas City Home

Epoxy countertops are an excellent choice for adding instant style to your home’s kitchen, and the material also offers a very hygienic, antimicrobial surface that is perfect for food prep and cooking. Epoxy can be added over existing countertops or poured over a plain base and then stained and buffed to a high-gloss finish.

Consider installing epoxy kitchen countertops in a Kansas City home if you’ve already chosen a beautiful stone backsplash and don’t want to use the same material for the counters, or cannot find a countertop stone to coordinate with other kitchen backsplash options. The density and antimicrobial properties of epoxy also make it a preferred choice for those who love to cook but who want to forego having to use cutting boards in the process!

Why Quartz Countertops in Kansas City Are a New Favorite!

Quartz countertops in Kansas City are quickly becoming a favorite for homeowners and designers alike. Quartz is made by grinding up remnants of granite, marble, and quartz itself, and then mixing those crushed stones with a small amount of plastic resin. The result is an incredibly durable surface that looks like natural stone, but which requires far less maintenance over the years.

Not only is quartz very durable, but this material is also one of the most eco-friendly options for kitchen countertops in Kansas City. Using remnants of other stones to engineer quartz keeps those materials out of landfills, and reduces the number of virgin materials harvested for new counters. The variation in stones used to produce quartz also means that you’re sure to find a color tone and surface appearance that coordinates with your backsplash options and kitchen’s overall style and that you’ll love no matter your taste in kitchen design!
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Backsplash installation Kansas City

Don’t Forget the Backsplash in a Kansas City Kitchen!

When choosing new kitchen counters, don’t forget to consider your backsplash installation choices as well! A kitchen’s backsplash protects walls from water damage, food splattering and grease stains, and even a stovetop fire.

A new backsplash can also add a beautiful finishing touch to your new kitchen countertops in a Kansas City home, helping to bring together the counters and cabinet materials. If you’re not sure the right countertop materials or backsplash for your kitchen renovation and design, we can help you choose materials that are perfect for your space and which will help create a kitchen you’ll love for years to come!
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