Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Kansas City is a great way to update cabinets that are in good repair, but which are outdated or even downright ugly. Refinishing is also a good option for homeowners on a limited budget, but whose kitchen still desperately needs an update!

What Is Kitchen Refacing?

Kitchen refacing refers to sanding down all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as well as the front of the cabinets themselves. Everything is then repainted or given a fresh coat of stain.

For an even more exquisite look, you might also choose new hardware for the kitchen, to complement the cabinet’s fresh color. New handles, drawer pulls, towel bars and hooks can quickly and easily update your kitchen and give it a designer look and style that you’re sure to love!

Cabinet door refacing might also include the addition of trim work. Thin pieces of simple, square molding can add depth and texture to the doors, while intricately carved pieces might create that Mediterranean or French country look that you love. The door front can also be carved out and replaced with a glass insert, for added light and style in your kitchen!

Kitchen Remodel or Cabinet Refinishing Kansas City?

A kitchen refacing may not be possible for every home; if the cabinet doors are warped, chipped, or otherwise damaged, a coat of fresh paint won’t adhere to its surface, and might not do much to improve the appearance of those doors. In some cases, the cabinets themselves might also be damaged and need replacing.

A full kitchen remodel might also be recommended if the home’s kitchen doesn’t offer adequate storage, or the footprint doesn’t work for your food prep and entertaining needs. Remodeling the kitchen can allow you to relocate your appliances, and install new cabinets with custom shelving. You’ll then have a kitchen that is not only beautiful but also more functional and usable.

Is Kitchen Refacing a DIY Job?

Sanding down cabinets and repainting them may seem like an easy DIY job, but kitchen refacing should always be left to the professionals. Too much sanding can damage wood and make cabinet doors conspicuously uneven. Since kitchen cabinets are exposed to lots of heat and humidity, as well as airborne grease, it’s also essential to use primers, paint, and topcoats meant for kitchen cabinets in particular. An inferior paint or stain on kitchen cabinets might easily peel away the first time you boil something on the stovetop or come right off the cabinets every time you wipe down their doors.

For kitchen cabinet refinishing in a Kansas City home, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. At Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, our highly-trained experts can help you choose a new color for your kitchen cabinets, to create an exquisite kitchen style that meets and even exceeds your standards and expectations. We’ll also ensure the right paint and stain types are used and applied correctly, so you’re happy with your new kitchen refacing for as long as you own your home.

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