Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling 
is Proud to Present 100% Hassle-Free Financing

If you need financing for your kitchen remodeling plans, Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling has got you covered! We are proud to offer 100% hassle-free financing for every client, no matter your budget or credit score.

• Payment plans for kitchen remodeling start as low as $150 per month.
• Cabinet refinishing starts as low as $75 per month
At Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, we work with every client individually, to find the right financing option for them. Plans start at 0% interest for 18 months, and we also offer many affordable options for clients with bruised credit and a limited budget.

Whether your kitchen needs a full tear-out or just a facelift, don’t let financing stop you from finally having the kitchen of your dreams! Give us a call today and let the experts at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling help you make that dream a reality.
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