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The founders of Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling are dedicated to giving back to their communities and providing for those less fortunate than them. To that end, we donate 7% of all our profits to Impact Ministries International (IMI), a global organization that provides orphanages, schools, fresh water supplies, and other relief programs to many countries around the globe.
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About Impact Ministries International

Impact Ministries International began in 2003 with a simple gesture of kindness, when founder Tom Stamman visited the country of Honduras and was shocked at the levels of poverty he saw. After offering a small donation of money for food supplies to feed single mothers and their children in the area, Stamman then decided to expand his work into relief ministries all over the world.

To date, IMI has established feeding centers in Honduras, Kenya, Argentina, Guatemala, and many other countries. IMI has also been responsible for the digging of wells in eight countries, including Honduras, Cambodia, Vietnam.

IMI also launched a farming and feeding program in Uganda, buying land to raise crops, and then expanded the program into Guatemala and Honduras. The mission in Honduras plans to grow enough food to feed some 200 people per day.
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The City of Refuge

Impact Ministries International is the proud founder of The City of Refuge, a branch of their ministries that is located some twenty minutes outside the capital city of Honduras. The City of Refuge is staffed by native Hondurans as well as fulltime missionaries and provides a local orphanage and rescue programs for families at risk.

The City of Refuge is home to anywhere between 50 and 80 children at any given time. Many of these children are orphans with no parents or family to care for them, while others are escaping extreme poverty or abuse. The country of Honduras has no foster care or welfare programs to assist children like these, so the City of Refuge is often their last and only hope for everyday care.

IMI’s City of Refuge provides bible teachings in a non-denominational setting, with the goal of giving children a sense of self-worth and empowerment. The City of Refuge also offers strong primary education to the children in their care, so those children can eventually enter a university or trade school, while also providing art and music education programs. The City of Refuge also tends to each child’s practical needs, ensuring they have nutritious meals and snacks and are cared for and monitored by qualified caregivers and mentors.

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling is proud to support the nondenominational work of Impact Ministries International, and their goal of expanding their ministries and relief works to other impoverished countries around the globe.

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