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A bathroom remodeling in a Kansas City MO home can give you an updated and modern look, or the Zen, spa-like retreat you need after a long day at the office, without breaking your budget. Many bathroom updates and renovations are much more affordable than you may realize, and they can quickly and easily transform your bathroom into a space for relaxing, or that will be more functional and efficient for the entire family.

Start With Bathroom Cabinets in a Kansas City Home

A bathroom that lacks storage is not only inefficient, it can also be very unattractive, as a bathroom without storage may have personal care items and linens scattered all over the room. New bathroom cabinets in a Kansas City home will make any bathroom more functional, while also adding visual interest and style to the space.

A full bathroom remodeling job can also include knocking back or relocating walls in the space, to accommodate a linen closet or built-in shelves. This type of addition can also make a bathroom more functional and attractive.
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Kansas City Remodel of the Shower and Bath

Once you have adequate storage in your home’s bathroom, you might consider a Kansas City remodel of the shower or bath. A new walk-in shower remodel can take up less space than a full tub, and a beautiful bench seat, along with multiple shower heads, will create a spa-like experience for your home.

If you do want to keep a bathtub, a claw-foot tub can add richness and elegance to your home’s bathroom, while a soaking tub is perfect for relaxing sore muscles. If your home’s bathtub is adequately sized but just worn out and a bit dull, a bathtub remodel might include a new coating for the tub, along with new faucets for an updated look.
Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City
full bath and shower remodel in Kansas City

Full-Service Kansas City Remodel of the Bath

A full-service bathroom remodeling in a Kansas City MO home can include tearing out the entire bathroom space, right down to the wall studs and subfloor. This tear-out allows us to rework the footprint of the area, so the bathroom can then accommodate a new, oversized vanity, or a more streamlined pedestal sink. Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling can also install a larger linen closet or other such storage features.

New epoxy countertops can also be poured over the existing countertops in a home’s bathroom. These surfaces are easy to clean while offering your bathroom an updated look for a fraction of the cost of solid stone surfaces. New flooring and shower tiles can also create a fresh look in the bathroom, for something sleek and modern or traditional and relaxing.

A complete Kansas City remodel of your home’s bathroom might also include new money-saving fixtures, such as a low-flow toilet and low-flow showerheads and sinks. Upgraded ventilation fans will also remove more humidity from the bath, reducing the risk of your home developing mold behind the walls and under the floors. Whatever your needs for a full-service bathroom remodeling in a Kansas City MO home, we can ensure your new bathroom space exceeds your demands, so you finally have the bathroom space you’ve always wanted in your home.

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