When Should You Remodel a Kitchen?

October 8, 2018

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Remodeling any space in your home can sometimes be a bit expensive, but a kitchen remodel is also an investment in your house, and this work shouldn't be put off indefinitely!

A homeowner should remodel kitchen when surfaces are so damaged that they're unsafe, when the kitchen is unattractive or no longer functional for your needs in particular, and when you need to increase the value of your property.

Check out some additional reasons why it might be time to remodel your home's kitchen, as well as some common questions homeowners have about a kitchen renovation, so you know when to call a contractor and schedule a kitchen renovation for your home.


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What to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can take a space from drab and dull to downright fabulous, but note a few other considerations to keep in mind if you're thinking about renovating a kitchen:

  • Scratches, nicks, and other damage on kitchen countertops can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Cleaning counters with a simple sponge or even a kitchen cleaner will not always remove these contaminants. However, germs and bacteria cannot easily collect and breed along the surface of solid, dense stone counters, so installing new counters can then provide a safer, more hygienic surface for food prep.
  • Damaged floors can be downright unsafe in any room of the home, but chipped or missing tile is even more dangerous if you're carrying a pan of hot water or other such items in the kitchen. A kitchen remodel can include a stone, laminate, or new tile floor, to improve the appearance of the kitchen and keep you safe!
  • Solid stone or a laminate floor tile can hold far fewer germs and less bacteria, and also be easier to clean. Laminate is especially impervious to food stains, something to consider if you have children who are often dropping food on your home's kitchen floor.
  • Energy-efficient appliances can save you money on your monthly utility bills. You also have more control of the internal temperature of refrigerators with digital thermostats and zone temperature control, allowing you to keep food fresher, longer, to reduce food waste. A new dishwasher with many washing options can also save money on water, electricity, and even dishwashing detergent, and be gentler on your delicate glasses and dishes.

How Often Should You Update Your Kitchen?

Never put off a needed kitchen remodel, as a dull and outdated kitchen can be downright dull and unappetizing. A new kitchen can make cooking and food prep more enjoyable for everyone in the family.

It's also good to consider a kitchen update as your needs change over the years. For example, when your children start school, you might renovate the kitchen to include a small workspace, so your children can do their homework in the kitchen while you cook. When the children get older and move out, you might downsize the kitchen, even swapping out unnecessary storage space for an eating area with comfortable recliners and a TV, perfect for easing into retirement!

How Much Should You Spend on a Remodel Kitchen?

There is no easy answer as to how much a homeowner should spend on a kitchen remodel, but don't assume you'll see a 100% return on your investment in increased home value. A lower return than you might expect is why it's essential to remodel a kitchen for your own needs and not just to improve the overall value of your house.

If you're worried about fitting a full remodel into your budget, note that many homeowners choose to make changes to their home's kitchen every few years. Replacing a kitchen's surfaces or other features one at a time, or making some simple updates every year rather than tearing out the entire kitchen, can make these upgrades more affordable overall.

For instance, you might decide to upgrade your kitchen flooring one year and then install new cabinets one or two years later. The next year, you might opt for new countertops, and the year after, make small changes, such as upgrading the wall's paint color and installing new lighting. The year after, you might be ready for new flooring again!

By updating your kitchen this way, you can spread out the expense of your remodel, while always feeling as if you have a fresh new kitchen in your home! Installing one surface at a time also gives you a chance to note how a particular feature looks under changing light or against other surfaces and colors. You can then more readily choose new tile, countertops, and paint colors that will coordinate with existing features in the kitchen.


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How Long Should a Kitchen Last?

How long a kitchen lasts before it needs renovating will depend on its everyday wear and tear, and on the materials you choose for each renovation or remodeling project. For example:

  • Stone, laminate, and concrete floors are very durable and withstand heavy foot traffic as well as wear and tear from pets and children. Linoleum tile, on the other hand, is much softer than other materials and may show scuffs and scratches quite quickly, and will need replacing more often over the years.
  • Granite and laminate counters are strong and durable, but they will still show nicks and scratches if you prep food directly on your kitchen countertops or scrape anything across their surface. Food stains that you don't clean quickly and adequately can also show on any countertop surface.
  • Trapped humidity softens adhesives used for laminate and linoleum, causing these materials to come loose. High humidity levels can also cause paint to peel. Invest in a quality exhaust fan or ensure you open a window when you cook on the stovetop so that humidity can escape your kitchen and you protect those surfaces and materials.

Remember, too, that cleaning all the surfaces in a kitchen very thoroughly is one of the best ways to prolong the life of those materials. You might even consider hiring a professional floor cleaning company or house cleaning service to manage this work once or twice throughout the year, to ensure your home's kitchen is spotless and your newly renovated space lasts as long as possible.

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