What Is the Most Durable Kitchen Flooring for Kansas City Homes?

July 10, 2020

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The right kitchen flooring for a Kansas City home is vital, as kitchen tiles might suffer the most wear and tear of any flooring in the house! In many families, the kitchen is the one room that everyone uses every single day so it’s vital that its floors be durable and able to withstand all that abuse over the years.

Note, too, that a kitchen floor also needs to be stain resistant and easy to clean. Even the most careful of cooks is bound to spill something on the kitchen floor eventually, and food stains are sometimes the toughest to remove from any surface. To ensure you choose the best kitchen flooring for your home, consider some important details about popular choices today so you can discuss those options more readily with a Kansas City kitchen renovation contractor.

The Pros and Cons of Stone Kitchen Flooring for Kansas City Homes

Granite and slate are popular Kansas City kitchen flooring options as their natural look and feel provides a great aesthetic for homeowners. Stone stays cool to the touch, making it an especially excellent choice for anyone who uses the oven quite often or who notices their kitchen always getting overly warm for any reason.

While stone kitchen flooring in Kansas City offers an excellent look and feel, granite and slate kitchen flooring in Kansas City is typically more expensive to install than most other options. All those pits and pores along stone tile surfaces trap dirt and show stains more readily as well, and a household mop is often insufficient for removing all that debris. Between installation costs and professional cleaning over the years, stone kitchen flooring in Kansas City might be the most expensive choice for homeowners!

Ceramic, a Popular Alternative to Stone Kitchen Flooring in Kansas City

If you love the natural look and feel of stone but find it’s out of your budget, consider ceramic flooring for your Kansas City kitchen remodel! Ceramic and porcelain tiles are manufactured with natural clay, making them an excellent choice for those who love a natural appearance along a kitchen floor. Today’s digital printers and designers also allow manufacturers to create precise tiles in a wide range of color tones and designs.

The dense and durable surface of ceramic especially makes these tiles an excellent choice for kitchen floors, as they repel water, dirt, and stains rather easily. However, that dense surface can also be a bit uncomfortable underfoot; also, if you drop a glass item on a ceramic floor, it’s likely to break! Many homeowners find that a few area rugs are a must-have when they opt for ceramic or porcelain kitchen flooring in Kansas City.

Can You Have Hardwood Kitchen Flooring in Kansas City?

Wood floors are a beautiful choice for any home and they offer a wide range of color tones and styles, making them an excellent option for traditional, craftsman, and modern styles, and everything in between! As wood absorbs moisture and doesn’t easily repel water and stains, hardwood kitchen flooring in Kansas City is not typically recommended. However, today’s prefinished sealants offer more protection for wood than ever before so that homeowners are finding that hardwoods can work in their home’s kitchen!

If you are considering hardwood kitchen flooring, be sure you discuss your options with your Kansas City kitchen renovation contractor and choose prefinished wood, which offers the most durability. Also, note that your wood floors will repel some moisture and added wear and tear but will need refinishing every few years, to keep them protected and looking their best.

Should You Choose Laminate Kitchen Flooring in Kansas City?

The term laminate refers to a dense, durable plastic coating. Laminate flooring is no different, as these floors are built in layers starting with a cheap yet durable wood foundation over which is a soft underlayment and then a high-definition photo of a flooring material. The last layer is a thin yet durable plastic.

Laminate kitchen flooring in Kansas City is dense and durable and easy to clean, resisting scratches, food stains, and other damage. Because that visible layer is a photograph, laminate also resembles virtually any other flooring option, including high-end stone and any species of hardwood!

Laminate is also a relatively cheaper option when compared to other flooring materials. However, its density does make laminate somewhat uncomfortable underfoot while also offering an artificial look and feel that some homeowners might not prefer in their home’s kitchen.

Exploring Cheaper Kansas City Kitchen Flooring Options

Vinyl tile is still typically one of the cheapest Kansas City kitchen flooring options on the market today. Many vinyl tiles offer a peel-and-stick backing, making DIY installation easy as well. Today’s flooring manufacturers also offer a wider range of styles than ever before so you’re sure to find a vinyl color and design that fits your home’s overall décor.


The downside of vinyl is its softness. While a softer floor is comfortable underfoot, it’s also more prone to scratching, etching, and other such wear and tear. Peel-and-stick tiles are also more likely to pull away from their backing and move out of position over time than tile installed with standard grout and other stronger adhesives. Vinyl also offers an artificial look and feel that some homeowners don’t enjoy and which might do little to enhance the kitchen’s appearance.

Cork is also an affordable Kansas City kitchen flooring option and an eco-friendly alternative to solid hardwood. The soft surface of cork provides some cushioning underfoot and the material is durable and easy to clean. The downside of cork is that it’s often hard to find, as not all manufacturers and installers offer cork flooring!

When choosing Kansas City kitchen flooring, remember to consider long-term maintenance and not just installation costs. If you need to replace worn vinyl tiles continuously through the years, they might wind up costing you more over the life of home ownership! As another example, if cork is unavailable in your area in a few years, you might need to replace the entire kitchen floor when one tile gets damaged. Your Kansas City kitchen renovation contractor can offer added suggestions and precautions when it comes to your flooring options.

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