Kitchen Remodeling Project in Kansas City

Our crew at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling works very hard to bring our customers the satisfaction that they deserve. Some contracting companies will cut corners to save a dime or perhaps some time – that doesn’t happen with us. We fully understand that you have hired us to make your home or business more beautiful, inviting, and all-around enjoyable. Our team doesn’t take that task lightly.


We once performed a kitchen remodeling job in Kansas City last spring. The couple that hired us were house flippers and they had this particular property just about ready to put on the market. All that was missing was an updated kitchen. What we walked into definitely wasn’t as bad as some projects we had taken on in the past but we instantly knew that we had our work cut out for us.


The cabinets clearly hadn’t been updated since the late 1970s and neither had the light fixtures or faucets. If someone was going for a retro look this would be the kitchen of their dreams but our clients wanted a modern appeal. We started out by removing all appliances from the kitchen and then gutting out the cabinets. This took us a little longer than expected because the hinges were rusty but we managed to remove them with our heavy-duty tools and equipment.


Next, we ripped out the carpeting – yes, there was green shag carpeting in this kitchen and it had seen better days. The wood underneath the carpeting had begun to rot from years of spilled food and moisture soaking into each layer. We knew we would have to remove the subfloor and replace it with new material.


Once we finished all of this leg work it was time to install new cabinets and flooring as well as replace the faucets and other plumbing components. Our clients decided on going with laminate flooring that resembled hardwood. It looked excellent by the time we were through. We also removed the old-fashioned Lazy Susan cupboard and made a cubby space for a dishwasher, as requested.


We really didn’t run into any significant snafus when working on this kitchen remodeling job other than the subfloor discovery, but we planned on replacing it anyway. Some of the electrical wirings needed to be updated as well and we had our electrician handle that part of the overhaul. 


Our clients couldn’t believe they were walking into the same kitchen. We were told that it was like jumping from one timezone to another. 

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