Kitchen Countertop Installation in Kansas City

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling has been in business for many years. Our team of exceptionally talented contractors is licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We take mediocre-looking kitchens and turn them into complete works of art. Did you know that by replacing your kitchen countertops you increase the value of your home?

It was probably 2 years ago that our team installed brand new countertops in a hotel kitchen. This was quite a big job because we had all the countertops in the kitchen plus the countertops in the dining area. The hotel was looking to modernize their look and thought that brand new granite countertops would do the trick. Guess what? They were right!

We spent hours with the hotel owner pouring over countertop samples and trying to match the design scheme with the perfect look. Finally, we found the perfect design that the hotel owner fell in love with. He chose a slate gray with black embellishments. These countertops are part of a signature line that is nothing less than stellar.

open floor plan for a kitchen remodel project

On the day the installation was to take place the hotel owner remembered that a wedding reception was scheduled at the same time. No worries! Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling is very flexible and we understand things sometimes come up or get overlooked. We re-scheduled for the following week.

At last, it was time to get these kitchen countertops installed at the hotel. We began by dismantling the old countertops and loading them onto our truck for disposal. These countertops must have been 45 years old. They were a bright, pumpkin-orange color that definitely did not mesh well with the modern look of the rest of the hotel's kitchen and dining area.

The old countertops had some mold growing behind them unbeknownst to the hotel owner. We quickly abated this mold problem using heavy-duty cleaning agents and fungicides. Once that issue was taken care of (it actually took a few days as complete drying was a must to prevent further mold growth) we installed the new granite models. This part of the installation only took our crew a few hours.

Once we were finished the hotel kitchen and dining area looked brand new. Our client was overjoyed with the progress we made and was extremely thankful that we took care of his unknown mold problem. Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling scored another job out of this project and was asked to come back and remodel the cabinets. This project was a complete success!

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