Stunning Custom Kitchen Renovation in Shawnee

Deciding on a custom kitchen renovation is a big decision that should never be taken lightly. Our team at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling understands that your budget is the most important factor in any home improvement project. We are more than happy to help you stick within your budget but offering custom kitchen remodel suggestions. Even if your budget is modest we can still help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

We once worked with a family in Shawnee who just moved into their first home. The house was a modest 3-bedroom ranch-style house with an adjoining garage. Everything about the house was very nice and the couple and their 2 small children liked it. However, the kitchen, for whatever reason, was an eyesore. It hadn’t been updated since the mid-90s. The couple had money left over from the home loan that they wanted to invest in a custom kitchen renovation.

custom kitchen renovation project in shawnee

Now, they only had a few thousand dollars to work with but our crew at Kansas City Kitchen Renovation made it work. We helped them determine which components of their kitchen truly needed to be updated and which ones could stand to stay. With a good decorating sense you can make even the ugliest architecture look great.

The young couple and our contractors determined that the cabinets, countertops, and flooring needed to go. We found some amazing designs for them to choose from that stayed well within their modest budget. They were even able to install a dishwasher cubby ad a ceiling fan.

Once the materials were ordered we began our work without a hitch. The only issue we had was making a space big enough for their dishwasher. The area was wedged between a counter and the refrigerator but we made it work but trimming down the countertop.

The couple decided on laminate flooring that looked light grayish beige hardwood – a very popular choice. This was their most expensive venture but since the kitchen was relatively small it kept them within their budget as they didn’t need much material. Laying the new kitchen floor was very easy. Our crew loaded up the old flooring and cabinets in our truck and hauled it away.

Once the finishing touches were made on the custom kitchen renovation in Shawnee our clients could barely believe their eyes. They couldn’t stop thanking us for helping them get the kitchen of their dreams with such a modest budget.

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