How Much Does a Kansas City Shower Remodel Cost?

March 13, 2020

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A shower remodel in a Kansas City home is an excellent way to update the bathroom and add both style and space, but without the cost of a full-scale bathroom renovation. A shower remodel might also add safety for elderly family members or those struggling with balance issues, as a walk-in shower eliminates the need to step over a tub wall. Your bathroom renovation contractor can also outfit your new shower surround with grab bars, shower seats and benches, built-in shelving, and other such features!

A typical shower remodel in Kansas City cost might range from $150 to over $2500, depending on the extent of renovation needed. A shower liner, which covers the current tile and tub, is often very affordable and updates the space instantly, while a full tear-out and new shower installation requires far more work and materials and might cost a few thousand dollars.

Before you’re put off by the cost of a shower remodel in Kansas City, note a few added details about this work and how it can benefit you! It’s also good to choose a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor for the job, to ensure everything is done properly and according to local codes, and that you’re happy with the end result for years to come.

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Your Home Needs a Kansas City Shower Remodel!

One excellent reason to consider a shower remodel in a Kansas City home is that a walk-in shower opens up the space, making even a small bathroom look larger and more spacious. Removing a bathtub eliminates that “boxy” look in the bathroom, while installing glass shower doors means more light in the space and a brighter look overall.

A shower remodel also provides a cleaner, more hygienic surface for your home’s bathroom. Scratches in old bathroom tile often harbor germs and bacteria and are very difficult to clean thoroughly! Today’s bathroom tiles often withstand dirt, mold, and germs more readily than older tiles, and are often easier to clean so you can enjoy a more hygienic bathroom space for you and your family.

If you’re planning on staying in your home through your retirement years and beyond, a shower remodel might include safety features that make bathing easier for you. A walk-in shower is safer for anyone with arthritis or balance issues, while built-in grab bars and shower seats allow for more comfortable bathing. Adding these features during a Kansas City shower remodel often creates a more cohesive, attractive look, rather than bars and seats looking like afterthoughts!

A shower remodel is also an excellent way to update the look of your bathroom without the cost of a full-scale bathroom renovation in Kansas City. You might note that the shower often takes up the majority of space in a bathroom, so a new shower surround can make the entire area look updated and modern. Built-in shelving also adds instant storage right where you need it, without creating a crowded look and feeling in the bath.

Why Avoid a DIY Shower Remodel in Kansas City

While a shower remodel offers some excellent benefits for you and your home, it’s vital that you avoid trying to manage this project yourself. One important consideration is that your home’s plumbing must meet local building codes, and a poor-quality shower installation often results in eventual water leaks and mold growth. Poor-quality tile installation also means tiles potentially coming away from the walls altogether!

A bathroom renovation contractor in Kansas City might also help you choose the best features and details for your remodeling project and notice details easily overlooked. For instance, if you want a hinged shower door, is there enough clearance in the bath for it to open fully? In some cases, a stationary screen might be a better option as these don’t need any space for opening!

When working with a bathroom renovation contractor, he or she might also note how to contain your shower remodel costs, or include other updates in the bathroom for far less money than expected. For instance, a contractor might offer to retile the bathroom floor at the same time as the remodel for a discount, since they’ll have their tools and be at your home already! You can then enjoy an updated look throughout the bathroom space for less money than you expected.

Quick Tips for Your Planned Shower Remodel!

If you’re planning a Kansas City shower remodel, consider some quick tips for creating a design you’ll love and ensuring no detail is overlooked along the way.

  • Note if you can recess any walls in the space. If there is a bathroom wall adjacent to an empty bedroom wall, for instance, consider knocking that wall back a foot or two. You probably need more space in the bathroom for storage and getting ready in the morning than you do in the bedroom, and even a few inches of added room can mean additional storage and room for your everyday routine.
  • Don’t overlook lighting and ventilation and especially if you plan on adding a steam shower or other such feature. Added lighting in the shower itself means more safety and a brighter and more welcoming look overall, while an updated ventilation fan is a must-have for any feature that brings more steam into the bath.
  • While a larger shower is an excellent choice for convenient, comfortable bathing, be sure you don’t cut into other areas where you need space such as the bathroom vanity or linen closet. Balance the need for space in the shower with space needed in these areas, to ensure your everyday comfort.
  • When choosing tile, pick something that’s easy to clean as well as attractive! Some soft, porous tiles might hold dirt and mold more easily than solid tiles, so ensure you consider everyday cleaning of any new materials and surfaces in the bathroom.

It’s also vital that you ensure your shower remodel in Kansas City is up to local building codes. If you’re not sure regulations and requirements for bathrooms in your area, call a renovation contractor to manage your planned remodel rather than going it alone and risking a code violation!

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