How Do You Price Custom Cabinets for a Kansas City Home?

September 30, 2019

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Custom cabinets for a Kansas City kitchen are an excellent way to add both style and storage to the space, and for creating a kitchen that works for your needs in particular. Prefab cabinets with slight customization also provide the look and storage you need at a more budget-friendly price, and in less time than having custom cabinets made from scratch.

Custom cabinets for a Kansas City home might cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per linear square foot, and even more depending on the materials and details chosen for your new cabinetry. Before you decide on the best choice for new kitchen cabinets in a Kansas City home, note some advantages of custom cabinetry as well as some ways to save money on new cabinet installation in your home.

Advantages of Custom Cabinets in Kansas City

To help you decide on prefab versus custom kitchen cabinets in Kansas City, note some advantages of custom cabinetry versus those made in a factory. Be sure to discuss this option with a cabinetmaker or kitchen renovation contractor in Kansas so you know which is the right one for your home!

  • Custom cabinetry in Kansas City is often sturdier and lasts longer than prefab cabinets, due in part to the construction process. Prefab cabinets are made in a factory on an assembly line and are often pieced together by machines or by workers who need to get those cabinets assembled as quickly as possible!
  • Prefab cabinets are often made with lower-quality materials that are durable and strong but not quite as long-lasting as the wood used for custom cabinets.
  • Installing custom cabinets in a Kansas City home allows them to be cut and fit to odd corners and uneven walls, so that no space is wasted and those cabinets look seamless rather than disjointed.
  • Choosing eco-friendly materials for custom cabinets in Kansas City allows you to reduce your “carbon footprint.” You can opt for recycled or reclaimed wood or an easily sustainable species such as bamboo for your new cabinets.
  • You can duplicate architectural features of your home in your custom cabinets; for example, you might opt for the same wood and stain as your home’s wood flooring, or choose some glass front doors with grilles that match the grilles in the kitchen’s windows.
  • Custom storage inside your new cabinetry can be built with your needs in mind; spacious shelving might accommodate talk stacks of dishes or oversized platters while compact shelving makes it easier to store small jars and cans in the kitchen.
  • Cabinets made with you in mind can also accommodate your height! For someone of shorter stature, lower shelving allows for easier access to items while cabinets placed higher on the wall might accommodate someone a bit taller than average.
  • Cabinets built for your kitchen allow you to seamlessly integrate other features along the walls; for example, you might love an open shelf for cookbooks or magnetic board for holding knives. Custom cabinets in Kansas City keep those details in mind and ensure the kitchen looks finished and polished once completed.
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Details to Add to Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Kansas City

Once you’ve decided that custom cabinetry is the right choice for your home, you might note some suggestions for details to add, to ensure you don’t overlook any potential storage space or decorative feature that brings your cabinet to life!

  • End panels are panels along the outside wall of cabinetry. While most prefab cabinets have no decorative features on these outside walls, end panels might include molding, cutouts, and other features that make this exposed section of cabinetry more decorative and attractive.
  • Decorative supports are small arches that sit under the upper cabinets. While most custom cabinets in Kansas City don’t need these supports, they offer a bit more visual interest and help to transition the cabinets to the wall and countertops below.
  • If you’re opting for a center island to be built along with your new cabinets, include legs under it! Legs make the island look like an actual piece of furniture and not an afterthought, and make the island much more attractive overall. Legs and feet can also be added to lower cabinets for lots of visual appeal.
  • Pull-out shelving is convenient for accessible storage, allowing you to reach items in the back of upper and lower shelves with reaching, stooping, or having to move around items in the front of those cabinets!
  • Glass fronts and built-in lighting keep the kitchen from looking drab and dreary.
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How to Save on Kitchen Cabinetry Cost in Kansas City

While custom kitchen cabinetry is an excellent option for any homeowner, you might wonder how you can fit new cabinets into your budget. To save on custom cabinets, talk to your contractor about affordable options for wood. An inexpensive oak can be painted or stained a dark, rich color that makes it look more expensive, as an example.

Reclaimed wood is also often less expensive than new wood materials, and can be cut and fabricated to fit your kitchen. Glass door fronts are also often less expensive than solid wood, and a few open shelves that take the place of actual cabinets might be less costly than solid cabinetry.

Your kitchen renovation contractor might also suggest refinishing your current cabinets rather than opting for new cabinets altogether, or a combination of prefab cabinets with custom touches. For example, swapping out the hardware of prefab cabinets can mean a rich and expensive look for far less cost than entirely new custom cabinets. Your contractor might add crown molding to prefab cabinets, also giving them a more expensive look.

Whatever your choice, there are many ways to save money on custom cabinets for a Kansas City home and to dress up prefab cabinets as well. If you take time to explore your options, you’re sure to find the perfect cabinets at a price you can afford.

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