Does a Full-Scale Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City Add Value to Your Home?

December 20, 2019

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When considering a full-scale bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, homeowners often wonder if the work adds value to their home, or increases its overall resale value. While only a real estate agent or property appraiser can tell you if a particular project will add value to your home, you might note a few reasons why it’s good to consider a bath remodel in Kansas City no matter the amount of money or increased value you might expect in return.

Be sure to talk to a bathroom renovation contractor in Kansas City about your choices as well. He or she can often provide lots of practical advice on the best way to improve your home’s overall value, whether with a bathroom renovation or other such changes under your roof!

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Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City Protects Your Home

An old and outdated bathroom often means cracked and broken grout and caulk around bathroom floor and shower tiles. Grout and caulk are not for decoration but provide both adhesion and protection against moisture damage! Missing or cracked grout and caulk allow water to seep between and behind tiles. Drywall, wall studs, and subflooring absorb that water and become soft and weak.

Water and moisture behind and underneath wall and floor tiles also means an added risk of mold growth in the home! Mold is very damaging to a home’s framework and unhealthy and unsafe for you and your family. A bath remodel in Kansas City protects the home from these risks and keeps it hygienic and safe for your family.

Add Needed Storage With New Bathroom Cabinets in Kansas City

If you and your family always feel rushed and frazzled in the morning, or if you’re always searching the bathroom for just the item you need to get ready for a night on the town, you might need upgraded bathroom cabinets in a Kansas City home! New cabinets offer organized, roomy storage you need in your bathroom, right where you need it!

Adding custom cabinets in a Kansas City remodel ensures that your storage works for your needs in particular. Small cubbyholes built around a bathroom mirror keep personal care items at your fingertips, while larger cabinets allow for spacious storage with room enough for linens, oversized shampoo bottles, and everything else you need to stay organized in your home. Your bathroom cabinets in a Kansas City home might also provide separate storage for everyone in the family, so there’s no fighting over storage space and hunting for your items in someone else’s “stuff”!

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A Kansas City Remodel Adds Safety

If you or anyone in the family is getting to be of a particular age, a bathroom remodel of a Kansas City home is an excellent choice for adding safety and ensuring they  can remain in their home for as long as possible. Converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower eliminates the need to step over a tub wall while providing room for a wheelchair and other mobility aids, and space for comfortable shower seating.

Your Kansas City bath remodel might also include stylish grab bars and elevated toilets, to reduce stress on the knees and hips in the bathroom. For those who wish to keep their tub, nonslip flooring also reduces the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom, while glass shower walls eliminates clumsy curtains while also providing space for grab bars and other safety features.

Your Kansas City Remodel of the Bath Updates the Space

Even if your Kansas City remodel of the bathroom doesn’t mean a full 100% return on the money you invest in a new bathroom space, an upgraded and updated look is often well worth the cost! A dull and dingy bathroom is often unwelcoming and can make an entire home seem dated and drab.

However, a bathroom remodel in Kansas City offers you the opportunity to create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, with oversized fixtures and features you’re sure to love. A soaking tub, walk-in shower with bench seating, and new lighting means a welcoming look and a place that suitable for relaxing after a long day.

You might even appreciate some additional luxury features in your Kansas City remodel, such as multiple showerheads, a steam shower, a whirlpool tub, or even room for a massage chair and dressing area in your bathroom! Even a simple facelift in the bathroom, with new flooring, cabinetry, and other details can result in a stunning new bath that you’re sure to love for years to come.

Make Your Space Work For You

One of the most vital benefits of a bath remodel in Kansas City is that your new bathroom will work for you! If you have wasted, unused space in an adjoining bedroom, opening up the bathroom space can mean utilizing that area for a larger vanity or more accessible storage. On the other hand, your current bathroom might have underutilized space along one wall or an oversized soaking tub you never use.

A full-scale bathroom remodel in Kansas City means a space that works for you and your family in particular, and that might even fit your home’s overall style more efficiently and effectively! A smaller tub and larger shower can be a great choice for you personally, or you might prefer a larger tub with added showerheads and a smaller sink area.

For someone else, knocking back a wall or building a wall-to-wall linen closet can be the best use of the bathroom space. Even relocating the entry door or converting an unused closet to a walk-in shower might be a good choice for your needs. Whatever you need in your bathroom space, a Kansas City remodel can make it happen!

Keep these points in mind when considering a bathroom remodel in Kansas City. No matter the cost and no matter the value it might add to your home, a new bathroom space can mean enjoying your home more than ever and ensuring you continue to enjoy that space for as long as you own your home!

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