7 Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Remodeling Project

October 26, 2018

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Never put off a needed kitchen remodeling project for your home, especially if the flooring and countertops are chipped or outright broken. A kitchen needs to be hygienic for food prep while also being safe for foot traffic! There are many other reasons to invest in a kitchen remodel even if the space has not become unsafe.

A homeowner should invest in a needed kitchen remodeling project to improve the overall value of their house, to make room for new, energy-efficient appliances, and to better accommodate a growing family!

If you've been thinking about a renovation project for your home's kitchen, consider some reasons why it might be time to pick up the phone and make an appointment with a design expert.

1. Deteriorated Surfaces and Materials

Once your kitchen's surfaces and materials are old and deteriorated, it's time for a renovation. Not only is a kitchen with worn out surfaces very unattractive and not quite conducive for cooking and family gatherings, but it can also be unsafe:

    • Chipped and scratched countertops can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, making a kitchen outright unsafe for cooking.
    • Scratched, chipped, or worn floor tiles can be a tripping hazard.
    • Deteriorated floor tiles can also allow the home's framework to absorb moisture and humidity, leading to potential mold growth in the house.
    • Broken or loose cabinet doors can be dangerous; if a cabinet door falls off its hinges, it could easily hit you in the face or arms!
  • Older light fixtures may have yellowed or otherwise become dim and dull, making it difficult to see your food as you prep and cook. Obstructed vision can result in injuries when using sharp knives and other tools, or when working over a hot stove.

2. Energy-Efficient Appliances

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You may not realize how much energy your old and outdated kitchen appliances waste, especially if you don't think your utility bills are especially costly. However, an older stove and refrigerator might have a loose seal so that they are both releasing lots of heat or chilled air, and an old dishwasher might be using far more energy than it should to heat the water it uses to clean those dishes.

Renovating a kitchen to make room for new, energy-efficient appliances can mean lower utility bills and less water wasted when washing dishes. You might even choose larger energy-efficient appliances that offer you more storage space in the refrigerator and more room for cooking in the oven, but without increasing your utility costs!

A full kitchen remodel might also include the addition of more windows or expanding its current windows. You might also consider adding a skylight, if possible. Bringing more sunlight into the kitchen can mean using less power for artificial lighting, and larger windows can also offer more ventilation so that you don't need to run the stovetop fan so often!

3. Kitchen Remodeling Project to Accommodate Your Growing Family

As your family grows, it might be time to have the home's kitchen renovated. A kitchen remodeling project can accommodate your changing needs for food storage and prep, and for dining in the kitchen. Consider some kitchen remodel ideas you might consider for your home, to make the space more workable for your growing family:

    • As children enter school, you might opt for a lower cabinet cooler that holds snacks and drinks just for them or items they can use to pack their lunch. You won't need to get up and get a child something from the family refrigerator when they're hungry, and can also more readily monitor and control what they eat and drink when you opt for a separate cooler just for them.
    • As children get older, they may want to bring more friends over for dinner or to play video games, watch movies, and so on. A larger attached dining room or kitchen island can accommodate the food prep needed for your growing children and their friends as well!
    • A growing family might also mean that you need larger appliances. A bigger refrigerator allows for more food prep, and a larger oven lets you prepare big family meals. You might even need a bigger pantry as you bring more children in the home or as those children get older and start eating more every day!
  • If your children have left the family home, it can be time to renovate the kitchen accordingly. You might want the eat-in area of the kitchen to now accommodate recliner chairs and a TV rather than a dining table, or you might want a more elegant dining space for entertaining friends without worrying about messy children. On the other hand, you might want to expand the kitchen even more so that you can host family dinners with all the grandchildren!

4. Add Some Modern Details for Convenience and Fun

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A kitchen renovation can improve more than just the room's overall appearance, as adding some modernity to the space can make cooking and food prep easier on you overall. For example, a new oven might have a computer console that allows for a more accurate reading of its internal temperature, and an upgraded refrigerator might offer zone controls, keeping different areas of this appliance at varying temperatures.

Your renovation expert can also bring in additional electrical wiring and data cables so you can keep a tablet in the kitchen, perfect for looking up recipes and cooking videos! If you have school-age children in the home, having a tablet in the kitchen can allow them to research homework projects under your watchful eye, while you make dinner.

Modernity in the kitchen can also make cooking more fun! Added room for small appliances can mean finally having space for a juicer, waffle iron, cappuccino machine, Panini press, and everything else you've always wanted to use while cooking. Your renovation project can even include the installation of a pizza oven, built-in rotisserie, and whatever else you prefer for your cooking and dining needs.

5. Property Values

Residential property values are affected by many factors, including the appearance and modernity of the home's interior. Any rundown, outdated interior room can affect a home's property values, and your house's worth might decrease if a kitchen is outright unsanitary and unsafe.

On the other hand, the increase you might see in your home's overall value can offset the cost of a kitchen remodeling project. While you might not be looking to sell your house at the moment, remember that the value of your property is considered when you apply for home equity loans and other secured lines of credit. Cashback allowances might also offset your kitchen remodel cost. A renovation expert or accountant can note if you would be eligible for tax incentives, and appliance manufacturers might offer short-term incentives to quickly sell last year's appliance models. You might then increase your home's overall value for far less cost than you imagined.

New Home Ownership

If you've recently purchased your home or have not updated it since you've moved in, you may not have realized that the kitchen wouldn't work very well for your particular needs, or may need to change its appearance and style. For example:

    • When touring the home before purchasing, you may have been impressed by a kitchen's roominess, but now find that its appliances are too far apart for your convenience.
    • You may have assumed you'd get lots of use out of the kitchen's large center island, but don't use it as often as you thought you would, and now prefer something a bit more compact.
    • When deciding on a home for sale, you may have also overlooked certain flaws in the kitchen design or décor, just because you loved many other aspects of the house.
  • Your budget may have been tight when you were in the market for a new home, and you chose your house based on its price, even though the kitchen was not necessarily to your liking.

Now that you're in the home and have had time to adjust to using the kitchen every day, you might see that it's time for a renovation! A full tear-out can rework the entire footprint of the kitchen so that it's more convenient for your, or you might prefer a change in the kitchen's overall appearance. The convenience you add to your space can then easily offset the average kitchen remodel cost.

You Deserve It!

Your home is your castle, and every room of that home should work for your needs in particular, and decorated to your taste. This can be especially true of the kitchen; after working hard all day, you should have a space that makes meal prep easy and even enjoyable. If you have children, you should have a kitchen space that accommodates everyone for breakfast and that makes it easy to get lunches packed during your morning rush.

If you love cooking or baking, you also deserve a kitchen that offers storage space for all your raw ingredients, as well as room for you to work. Custom hooks and drawer separators can make it easier to organize and access all your hand tools so that cooking and baking are more enjoyable overall.

If you enjoy entertaining at home, you should have a breathtaking kitchen that you're proud of, and that accommodates all your friends and family. A gourmet kitchen with an oversized, six-burner stove, double oven with plate warmers, separate wine and beer refrigerator, and dedicated space for making gourmet coffees can make your kitchen the envy of all those friends! Whatever your preferences or vision for a dream kitchen, a kitchen remodeling project can make that dream a reality.

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