5 Solid Reasons it's Time for Home Remodeling

March 8, 2019

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Any home remodeling project can be expensive and a bit of an inconvenience for you and your family. However, consider how many hours you spend in your home every day and how frustrating it is when the space doesn't function well for your needs, or when it's unattractive, even downright ugly!

No matter the cost of a needed home remodeling project, there are five good reasons to schedule a renovation when necessary:

  1. The family has grown, or kids have moved out, and the footprint of certain rooms no longer works for everyone in the home.
  2. Outdated insulation, windows, and other building materials make the home energy-inefficient.
  3. You bought the home because of its affordable price, location, or size, but its footprint or appearance have never satisfied your needs or taste.
  4. Damaged surfaces and other features of the home make it unclean and unsafe.
  5. Remodeling costs are often lower than expected, while your return on investment might allow for higher home equity loans and higher resale value.

Your home is probably the most expensive yet most valuable investment you'll make, so to ensure it's always in the best condition and that it works for you and your family's needs, in particular, consider these five reasons to schedule a home remodel in more detail. You might also note a few suggestions for remodeling and home renovation ideas that add value and function to your home, and which can make it more attractive and inviting overall.

When It's Time for Home Remodeling

A home's overall footprint and appearance should work for you and your family in particular, but a family does change over the years. Your home should then change along with it! A casual, eat-in kitchen might suit young children better than a formal dining room, for example. Added bathrooms make mornings more manageable for a large family, while expanded closets allow you to organize children's items properly. If the kids have moved out, it might be time to downsize the kitchen and upsize the dining room and convert a bedroom into a hobby room.

kitchen remodeling kansas cityAdding more efficient building materials such as blown foam insulation and triple-glazed windows is an excellent option for older homes. An older house or one that you bought for its price or location might also need an update so that it suits your needs and style in particular. Standard features of older homes, such as small kitchens, windows, and closets, and large formal dining rooms, are not typically appreciated by today's homeowners. A full house remodeling allows you to change the home's building materials, layout, and appearance.

An extremely old home might also be downright unclean and unsafe. Chipped floor tiles are a tripping hazard, and scratched and nicked countertops harbor germs and bacteria you can't reach with a sponge! Taking advantage of affordable options to renovate your home and today’s home remodeling ideas can result in increased property value and more equity over the years, as well as a home that is cleaner and more attractive overall.

How Can You Tell If a Home Doesn't Work for You?

It's easy for homeowners to overlook imperfections in their home, as a person might become accustomed to being crowded in certain rooms or to a room's unsightly appearance. If this is true in your case, note a few considerations that can alert you to a needed house remodeling so you know when it's time to call a contractor!

  • Items sitting out on countertops or the floors of various rooms indicate that your home lacks usable storage. Reworking the home's footprint and a full renovation can create space needed for the addition or expansion of closets, a kitchen pantry, garage storage, and the like.
  • If you continuously move furniture to get in and out of a room, access a window or cupboard, or to allow people around the dining table, those rooms need a renovation! Enlarging a room, relocating an entryway or electrical outlets used for an entertainment center, elongating walls, and other such home renovation ideas all offer a more comfortable and convenient use of a space.
  • Rooms that you avoid using because they're unattractive or downright ugly need a renovation! Even if the footprint of the space remains unchanged, new flooring, crown molding, updated cabinetry, new countertop materials, and other such details can create a space you love.
  • New windows and skylights can add instant warmth and charm to even the darkest rooms of your home.
  • Homes that always feel dry and cold in wintertime or warm and humid in summertime need new insulation, windows, roof vents, and flooring, for better insulation and less wasted energy.
  • Note if there are everyday chores that seem difficult due to the layout or design of your home; for example, a washer and dryer located in the basement make laundry more cumbersome for anyone! A cramped kitchen makes cooking a chore, and a tiny bathroom can add stress to your morning routine. New house remodeling ideas can include a design that works for your convenience as well as your comfort.
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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A home's kitchen is perhaps remodeled more frequently than any other space, and with good reason, since the kitchen might be the one room in the house that everyone in the family uses! A kitchen also has many functions; it provides room for food storage and food prep, an area for convenient cooking and cleanup, and space for dining. Kitchens also typically store cleaning supplies, pet supplies, recyclable items, and so on. To ensure your kitchen looks inviting and works for your needs, note a few remodel ideas you might discuss with home remodeling contractors:

  • Taller, deeper cabinets offer more storage space without making the kitchen seem crowded and cramped. Glass doors and open shelves can also make a kitchen appear bigger and brighter.
  • A smaller center island offers more space for foot traffic, whereas expanding the island offers more space for food prep and storage.
  • Enlarging the windows or adding a skylight can create a bright, light, clean look in the kitchen.
  • Updated vinyl flooring and new stone counters are easier to keep clean than old laminate surfaces and are less likely to hold germs and bacteria.
  • A kitchen renovation can include cabinets designed for specific uses in particular. For example, a cabinet with built-in bins makes recycling easier on the family, and a cabinet with tall shelves allows you to store pet food and supplies easily.
  • Built-in shelving and cabinetry around the refrigerator and cooktop make storage, tools, and kitchen supplies more accessible.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A home's bathroom is also a prime candidate for a remodel, as you want a space that offers plenty of storage and a comfortable appearance for when it's time to relax in the tub. Note a few home remodeling ideas for a bathroom space that you might discuss with a contractor:

  • Cutting out walls and creating built-in shelving between wall studs creates storage in even the smallest of bathrooms. This type of shelving is especially convenient along the mirror over the sink, for holding small jars and bins of personal care items. Use decorative baskets to hide away unsightly items, or display your beautiful linens, makeup accessories, and the like.
  • If you don't use your bathtub, replace it with a walk-in shower for added space. A built-in spa bench in the shower provides a place seating, so you're still comfortable but without feeling cramped and crowded in the bath.
  • Bumping out a wall and expanding the footprint of the bath allows for the addition of a vanity area, large soaking tub, walk-in linen closet, or other such feature.
  • Skylights in a second story bath create a light and bright look, and allow you to gaze up at the stars during a nighttime soak in the tub!
  • Expanding the vanity under the sink and adding rolling shelves ensure that you don’t waste an inch of potential storage space in the bathroom.

Renovating a Home to Add Style

A home's footprint or layout might be somewhat sufficient for you, but the overall appearance of the house can still seem dark, dim, uninviting, or just not to your taste. Note some house remodeling ideas for renovating the home to add style and enhance its appearance overall:

  • Upgraded flooring adds instant appeal to any room of the home. Hardwood floors offer a classic look, while new, high-quality carpeting ensures your house doesn't look like a drab apartment.
  • Removing a wall around a staircase opens up an entryway and offers a grand, upscale look.
  • New, oversized picture windows or casement windows, or a built-in seat under a bow or bay window, creates instant charm in any room of the home.
  • Replacing a generic patio door with a full wall of sliding doors, or large French doors create an elegant flow from the home to your outdoor space and allow more room for foot traffic.
  • Upper rooms might be removed to create an elevated or cathedral ceiling, for more height and grandeur, and to allow for the addition of larger windows.
  • Merely changing the overall surfaces in various rooms of a home can instantly transform the space. For example, repainting the front of kitchen cabinets and swapping out the flooring and countertops can create the feeling of a brand-new kitchen! New tile in the bathroom and upgraded flooring can also make the entire space seem like new.

Related Questions

Do all home renovation projects add value to the property?

Not all home remodeling ideas add tangible value to a property; however, ignoring needed upgrades can ensure that your property value never increases! Updating a kitchen or bathroom, adding eco-friendly features, or making the home more convenient to use will often add the most value.

Why call home remodeling contractors for a renovation project?

A homeowner should rely on a professional contractor when plumbing or electricity needs to be adjusted and to change the footprint of a space. A contractor will ensure the home meets local building codes and that no load-bearing walls or other such structural supports are removed or compromised.

Why schedule a remodel if you might sell the home in the future?

Planning a home remodeling project now allows you to ask top dollar when you put that house on the real estate market. Also, never assume that a home will sell instantaneously once listed. You might need to live in that home for many more years to come, so invest in a renovation when it's needed.

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