10 Kid-Friendly Kitchen Ideas: Making Your Space Child Friendly

July 28, 2023

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Are you searching for some kid-friendly kitchen ideas? Making the space more accessible and welcoming to children is useful in helping them learn to cook. Also, a child-friendly kitchen is often safer for the little ones in the family!

10 kid-friendly kitchen ideas include:

  1. An open layout
  2. Lower countertops
  3. Child-safe appliances
  4. Soft close cabinets and drawers
  5. Non-slip flooring
  6. Rounded countertop edges
  7. A chalkboard wall
  8. Kid-friendly storage
  9. Child-safe cookware
  10. Child-friendly stepstools and furniture

If you’re ready to incorporate these kid-friendly kitchen ideas in your home, keep reading! Some added details about each can help you make the right design choices. Also, a kitchen renovation contractor near you can assist. They might have added suggestions for ensuring a home that’s friendly to everyone under your roof!

kid-friendly kitchen ideas

10 Kid-Friendly Kitchen Ideas You Can Use in Your Home

Creating a kid-friendly kitchen can make meal preparation and family time more enjoyable for everyone. It also means a more welcome space when children are home from school! Check out some kid-friendly kitchen ideas to consider:

1. Open Layout

If possible, opt for an open kitchen layout that allows parents to keep an eye on the kids while cooking or doing kitchen tasks. An open concept allows for better interaction and supervision. Also, a wider and larger kitchen space is safer for children who might tend to run without being careful!

Lastly, note that an open layout and larger footprint means enough room for everyone. You’re less likely to bump into a child while cooking or having them underfoot. This also allows room for a toy or two, for when they get bored when in the kitchen.

2. Lower Countertops

It’s not feasible to install lower countertops throughout your entire kitchen, as then adults would need to bend and stoop to use them. However, you might consider having a lower section of countertop in a designated area for the kids. They can then use this space to help with meal prep or engage in activities like drawing or baking.

Also, a lower countertop space allows you to slide a chair under the countertop. This can keep the child occupied when not helping in the kitchen! They can also do their homework while under a parent’s watchful eye.

3. Child-Safe Appliances

Choose child-safe appliances to make your kitchen friendlier and safer for kids. These might include pots and pans with safety features like auto-lock, cool-touch surfaces, and easy-to-use controls. Also, certain stovetops don’t heat until in contact with a pan. These provide a cooler surface than conventional stoves, which are then safer for children.

4. Soft-Close Cabinets

Soft-close cabinet doors and drawers prevent little fingers from getting pinched. These also keep children from slamming those doors and drawers shut! Note that soft-close features are not terribly expensive. Also, a contractor can often retrofit them into your current cabinetry!

5. Non-Slip Flooring

Nonslip flooring is vital for kitchens with children! These materials reduce the risk of slips and falls for kids running around in the kitchen. They can also slow down those children, so they don’t get injured when in the space.

If you’re not sure about the best option for your home’s flooring, talk to a flooring contractor. They can often recommend tiles with added coatings that increase traction. Also, you’ll want to remove area rugs that might slip and risk falls.

6. Rounded Edges

Active children often overlook edges when running through their homes, and this includes when in the kitchen. In turn, sharp countertop edges can risk bumps and bruises or even more severe injuries. To prevent this, opt for furniture and surfaces with rounded edges.

If you’re not sure about your home’s countertop edges, cover them. You can purchase specialty covers that slip over those edges and which provide a softer surface. This reduces the risk of serious injuries for children in your home.

new kitchen remodel that is kid friendly

7. Have a Chalkboard or Whiteboard Wall

A chalkboard or whiteboard wall is a great choice for kids. They can draw, write, or play games while parents cook or clean up. Also, these walls are excellent for when children are old enough to help with shopping and chore lists. You can even use them to create family calendars.

If you cannot find a chalkboard or whiteboard for your home, consider using chalkboard paint! This allows you to paint an entire wall or other surface and create a large chalkboard in any spot. You might then create a chalkboard along a kitchen island or lower cabinet that’s convenient for the child.

8. Kid-Friendly Storage

To make your kitchen more accessible for children, dedicate lower cabinets or drawers for storing their dishes. You can also use baskets and other items to organize and store utensils, snacks, and even some toys.

9. Child-Safe Cookware

If you’re going to encourage your child to work in the kitchen, invest in child-safe cookware. This includes items like plastic mixing bowls and non-toxic utensils. Make sure they have large handles for their smaller hands to grip and are without sharp edges.

Also, it’s good to find bowls and other items with nonslip bottoms. You can even purchase nonslip mats for cupboards and set those down where a child might work. This reduces slipping and resultant messes when a child is working.

10. Step Stools

Keep sturdy step stools in the kitchen, so kids can reach the sink or countertops safely when needed. Ensure these have thick rubber feet and the steps don’t fold out, to avoid pinched fingers. Even with stepstools, adults should still supervise children when working near the stove or elsewhere! You also want to ensure they understand how to use those stools safely.

In addition to stepstools, get some child-friendly furniture for the kitchen. This might include lightweight plastic chairs they can move on their own and small tables just their size. Child-friendly furniture makes the kitchen more comfortable and inviting for children when they’re in the space!

How Can I Make My Kitchen Child Friendly?

In addition to the suggestions listed above, you might consider some additional tips for making your kitchen child-friendly, including:

  • Childproof the kitchen by installing safety latches on cabinets and drawers. This is especially needed for any areas that contain dangerous items, like cleaning supplies or sharp tools. Test those latches periodically to ensure they’re still in position and working as expected.
  • Children respond to bright, bold colors. In turn, you might incorporate bright colors and playful decor elements in the kitchen to make it more fun for them. Paint an accent wall a bold color or opt for colorful placemats and other items.
  • Display kid-friendly cookbooks or recipe cards in an accessible area. Do the same with items like measuring scoops and bakeware. This encourages children to take an interest in food preparation, cooking, and baking.
  • Involve kids in age-appropriate tasks, like measuring ingredients, washing produce, or setting the table.
  • Get the children involved in meal planning and cooking. Let them choose various recipes or meals that you’ll cook or bake together. Let them do as much as possible and that’s age appropriate. This can include measuring products, stirring ingredients, and even flipping food in the pan, with proper supervision.

new kitchen remodel

How Can I Make My Kitchen More Welcoming?

Families with children often wonder how to make their kitchen more welcoming overall. The good news is that you can create a welcoming, relaxing space with just a few simple touches and upgrades. Also, you might note some suggestions if you’re ready for a full renovation in your home.

  • A clean and clutter-free kitchen instantly feels more inviting. Regularly clean countertops, floors, and appliances. Organize your kitchenware and utensils, keeping frequently used items within easy reach.
  • Soft, warm lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Consider installing dimmer switches to control the intensity of your lights or add some decorative lamps or string lights to add warmth.
  • Bring in elements of nature to add warmth and character. Consider placing potted plants or fresh flowers on the windowsill or countertop. Natural materials like wood or stone can also add a welcoming touch.
  • Choose warm and inviting colors for your kitchen walls and decor. Soft pastels, warm neutrals, or even some bold accents can make the space more inviting. Consider the color psychology and how different colors can affect the mood of the room.
  • If space allows, consider adding a small dining table or a cozy breakfast nook with comfortable seating. This provides a space for people to relax, chat, or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • The smell of your kitchen can greatly impact how welcoming it feels. Keep the kitchen smelling fresh by regularly taking out the trash, cleaning the sink, and using natural air fresheners like essential oils or scented candles.
  • Consider replacing some upper cabinet doors with open shelving or glass-front cabinets. This allows you to display your beautiful kitchenware, creating a more welcoming and lived-in feel.

A Word From Our Crew

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling is happy to share these 10 kid-friendly kitchen ideas. Hopefully you found at least a few of them helpful! Also, call our Kansas City kitchen renovation contractors when you’re ready for an update. We’ll create a design and renovation plan that you’re sure to love for many years to come.


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