Expert Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City

Expert bathroom remodeling of a Kansas City home can make any bathroom space more functional, and it may even improve your home’s overall value. A full bathroom remodel or update is often more affordable than you might realize, and it can create a space that is stunning and stylish, and one you’ll truly love to use every single day!

Budgeting a Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City - Costs

One of the most common reasons for homeowners to put off a bathroom remodeling for a Kansas City home is the cost of a full bathroom remodel. However, most bathroom renovation projects are much more affordable than you might realize, and our remodeling specialists can always suggest affordable ways of creating the bathroom of your dreams.

For example, a bathroom refacing is an excellent way to save on the cost of remodeling or renovation work. Refacing involves repainting or adding a new stain color to cabinets and a bathroom’s vanity, rather than replacing these pieces. New trim and hardware can also be added to cabinet doors and drawer fronts, with matching towel bars and hooks attached to the bathroom’s walls. All these details, along with a simple shower remodel, can quickly and easily update the look of your home’s bathroom, for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.
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Smaller Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City

A small bathroom often lacks storage, but a simple bathroom remodeling for a Kansas City home can make even the tiniest space more functional. Our renovation experts might knock back a wall to add shelving inserts, and also install shelving over the toilet or along other wall areas that are open and unused.

Your small space also doesn’t need to lack style, as bathroom remodeling for a Kansas City home might include updated features that make the room more welcoming and attractive. New flooring, a shower remodel, a bathtub remodel along with an epoxy countertop that resembles the look of solid stone, can create a grand look in any bathroom, while a glass shower screen can open up the space and make it feel lighter, brighter, and roomier.
Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City

Choosing Between Bathroom Remodeling Companies

When choosing between bathroom remodeling companies, you don’t want to opt for just a general contractor. A bathroom remodeling expert will know how to keep a home’s bathroom watertight yet well-ventilated, with surfaces and materials that can withstand high humidity levels as well as constant wear and tear.

The best bathroom remodeling companies will also have creative ideas for storage, so they can help make your tiny bathroom more functional for everyone in the family! A skilled bathroom remodeling specialist might also suggest features that will make a bathroom safer and more accessible for the elderly and those with physical limitations if needed.

If you’re on a tight budget or in a hurry to finish your bathroom remodeling for a Kansas City home, you’ll need an experienced specialist who can suggest low-cost, fast options for creating the bathroom of your dreams. These options might include floor tiles that can be applied over the bathroom’s current flooring, bathroom refacing, and epoxy coatings over the existing countertops. These simple tips for bathroom remodeling of a Kansas City home will ensure you end up with a beautiful bathroom that is affordable yet functional, and that meets and even exceeds your renovation expectations.

If you still have questions be sure to read our bathroom remodeling FAQ page.

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