Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

Are you thinking of updating your home’s bathroom, to create a space that is more functional or more attractive, or both? If so, consider a few questions many homeowners have about this type of renovation work, so you know what have done and features to add to create the bathroom space of your dreams!
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What does a bathroom remodel cost?

A bathroom remodel is usually much more affordable than many homeowners expect, since most homes don’t need this space torn down to the wall studs and subfloors. Replacing dingy and damaged fixtures will quickly and easily update the look of a bathroom, and knocking back a wall can add much-needed storage for linens.

For an even more affordable change to your home’s bathroom, you might consider having new floor tiles and lighting installed. A fresh paint color, along with modern towel bars and faucets, can finish the look, so your bathroom is updated and elegant for far less cost than you might expect!
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In what order should you do a bathroom remodel?

If your home’s bathroom does need a full tear-out but your budget is limited, you might spread out the work over time, having just a few changes done as you can afford them. To decide which change should be done first, start with updates that will help prevent water leaks and other damage to your home.

For example, new tile installed in the bathtub will protect against water leaks in the shower area. Replacing chipped or broken bathroom floor tile will ensure the home’s subfloor doesn’t absorb humidity from the bathroom. New tile will then protect the home’s structure from damage and potential mold growth.

Once you’ve made changes to the bathroom that will protect your home, consider updates that might save you money on your utilities. A stylish low-flow toilet can look much better than an outdated and dingy commode, while also using far less water per flush. New low-flow faucets and showerheads can also make your home’s bathroom look more modern or bring added warmth and style to the space while reducing your everyday water consumption.

Adding storage to the home’s bathroom might also be a priority so that you’re not using valuable space in a bedroom or hallway closet to store linens and toiletries. A bathroom’s footprint can be reworked to add a linen closet, or you might have shelving inserts created along one wall for storage. A new vanity under the sink or small shelves around a bathroom mirror can provide needed storage, while also adding visual interest, depth, and texture to the space.

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

As with its cost, the amount of time needed for a bathroom remodel will depend on the work to be done, as well as the overall condition of the subfloor, plumbing, and other fixtures in the bathroom. However, if you’re worried about the timing of a remodel, consider some quick ways of updating the space, such as re-glazing the current bathtub versus having it replaced.

Existing countertops in a bathroom can also be covered with custom epoxy. This material dries and hardens so that it resembles a solid stone surface, but without the time and cost involved in installing real granite or slate. If you’re on a tight budget and a tight schedule, epoxy countertops may be the perfect solution for your home’s bathroom!

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