Budget-Friendly Basic Prefabricated Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City


The founders of Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling established their company based on the two important values they wanted to offer their customers: Innovation and reliability.
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A Kitchen Designed 
for Your Budget

With this more budget friendly option, we typically work with a budget between $20,000 - $25,000.  You will have the ability to make various options depending on what features and upgrades you would most like to see.

Kitchen Options Included

With this competitively priced kitchen remodel, options include standard shaker cabinets, basic granite or laminate countertops, vinyl or laminate flooring, basic tile backsplash options and other limitations depending on which features you would most like to see.

Looking For a Stylish Yet Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation?

Your kitchen doesn't need to lack style and personality even if its size is small and your budget is limited! The pros at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling are passionate about bringing every kitchen to life and making it downright stunning no matter its size. We also offer many gorgeous, wallet-smart kitchen remodel features and details that you're sure to love.
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Update the Cabinets for Storage and Style

To add style to a small kitchen while respecting your budget, we start with beautiful Shaker cabinets with sleek, clean lines. The simplicity of Shaker cabinets creates a modern yet cozy look, offering lots of storage without making your small kitchen seem crowded and cluttered.
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New Countertops at a Price You Can Afford!

Never assume that a limited budget means settling for countertops that are drab, dull, and outdated! At Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, we offer a full range of beautiful materials that are as stylish as they are budget-friendly.
Do you love the traditional look and feel of granite but are afraid you can't afford it on a limited budget? Our design team can show you a range of options for gorgeous granite in an array of shades and tones, all at budget-friendly prices. Your kitchen can finally have warm and elegant granite counters that are as durable as they are beautiful!
If granite is not your style, we also carry all the latest designs in affordable yet stunning laminate countertops. Laminate offers the look and feel of stone, wood, or tile, without the same high cost. You'll love the beauty and durability of your new laminate countertops as much as you'll appreciate their low price!
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A Stylish Backsplash Pulls It All Together

Never underestimate the importance of a chic and stylish backsplash in a kitchen! A backsplash pulls together the colors and tones of your kitchen's cabinets and countertops, creating a cohesive, upscale look. At Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, we offer the most extensive selection of budget-friendly but beautiful tile for your kitchen backsplash, and you're sure to find a style that brings out the elegance of your new countertops and cabinetry.
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New Flooring for Added Durability and Updated Appeal

Your budget-friendly kitchen makeover doesn't stop at the flooring when you work with the renovation pros at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling!
For a traditional look, consider our selection of designer vinyl tiles, in a range of colors and patterns that are sure to please. Vinyl is soft underfoot, easy to clean, and a classic choice that fits any décor.
For something even more durable yet wallet-friendly, opt for laminate flooring. Laminate offers a broad range of styles for kitchens, from timber-look slats to faux stone and ceramic. With new laminate tiles, you'll have a kitchen floor that is durable and easy to maintain but doesn't sacrifice elegance or your budget!
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All of these features can add instant appeal to your kitchen while staying within a modest $20,000 to $25,000 budget, and every homeowner has the option to choose a variety of upgraded options at affordable prices.

Whatever your dream for a new kitchen and no matter your budget, the kitchen design and renovation experts at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling are eager to make it happen! Your home deserves a kitchen that is as fabulous as it is functional, so call us today so we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

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